Can Bloggers Really Get Paid to Travel with Leslie Rubero

There are many positive things to say about starting a blog and when you have the traffic, you can make some extra cash. The real key to success is to have a quality blog and to post the best content possible. If you make the content about your travels and post some good pictures, it won’t be long before you are living the blogger travel lifestyle. Quite simply, you just let people know about the places you visit and then you can cash the checks from your sponsors and advertisers. It really is that easy.

I asked Leslie Rubero on her opinion, she was so kind published a video about the subject.


My Digital Marketing Consultant Hiring Advice

I’ve been able to work with a digital marketing consultant that met my needs. It took some time to find the right person, because everyone tends to have their own style when it comes to this topic. It becomes clear who is cut out for the job after you hire someone and they do a little work for you. It’s also easy to find someone if you just do your research on them and find reviews out about them, first. Don’t just hire people at random, because that’s a sure way to get help from the wrong person.

It was easy for me to just let someone know what I was trying to do and then to let them loose. One thing I learned is that a lot of people like to do their own thing when it comes to marketing. I like it when someone uses their artistic eye to come up with a campaign that pops for me. It’s not a good idea to tell someone exactly what to do. That’s a sure way to have a failing campaign because you may not be someone that knows how to do digital marketing properly.

If you would like to learn more about the person I hired you can visit his website here. Or check his video below.